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Find unforgettable Ecuador vacation packages

Unforgettable vacation packages Ecuador

Finding unforgettable Ecuador vacation packages can always be a difficult task. Here a few tips that can be helpful when looking for affordable vacation packages Ecuador for this 2018.

1.- Start by finding a local Tour operator who can work with you one to one, leading you to the perfect plan; locals know the country better, also this way you will avoid middleman fees.

2.- Do a good research about the country before your visit, this way you can use your time better, many operators are willing to do customized Ecuador tours in order to fulfill your expectations at no extra cost.  In case you don’t find an Ecuador vacation package that adapts to your requirements.

3.- Be very communicative with your country advisor so he/she can have a good idea of your expectations, therefore, you and your advisor will come out with an excellent itinerary for an unforgettable Ecuador vacation package

4.- Discuss the best days to visit certain places

What to have in Mind about Ecuador?

1.- Ecuador has four different climatological regions and each region is very unique, so have in mind what would you like to visit while in Ecuador according to your interest and previous research.

2.- Have in mind that Ecuador is one of the best destinations in South America, especially for outdoor activities.

3.-Have in mind that Ecuador is home to the highest Active Volcano (Cotopaxi) and the highest volcano from the center of the earth (Chimborazo) in the Highlands region, but also remember that it is home to the jungle (East) or Amazon Region. The coastal lowlands and gorgeous endless beaches (West), also home to the breathtaking Galapagos Islands located about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador

4.- And finally, have in mind that Ecuador is home to the cultural world heritage site recognized by the UNESCO, and its capital city of Quito,  located in the center of the Earth. I is a must visit option if you have one full day to spend in the capital you may sign up for Quito Old town  & Equator 1 day trip package. On the other hand, if you would like to see Ecuador at it´s deepest, it is highly recommended to book a  complete Ecuador vacation that includes the Highlands, Amazon, and Galapagos tour package, this way you will get to know most of the regions and its unique, extraordinary beauty.

Ecuador is a great outdoor activities destination for everyone whether you travel alone with friends or family!

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