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Cotopaxi Volcano and National Park - 1 Day

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Cotopaxi Volcano and National Park

Cotopaxi Volcano, is the highest active volcano (5,897 meters). Located an hour and a half from Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, therefore making it fairly easy to explore. On the slopes of this snow capped majestic volcano you will visit the Cotopaxi National Park. Here you will find a variety of wildlife, lagoons and spectacular landscapes that surround the Cotopaxi Volcano, so get ready for this Andean Adventure!

  • 1.5 hours north of Quito
  • Accomodation pick up
  • This can either  be a day trip or can be an add-on to your vacation package if you have an extra day in the surroundings of Quito.
  • Visit the highest point that can be reached by car at 4500m. (14760ft)
  • Visit the Limpiopungo lagoon and 10 minute walk to learn abot the flora and fauna of the area.
  • Chance to see wildlife(wild horses, owls,wolfs, endemic birds ducks & coots andean condor if lucky)
  • Visit the Interpretation Center
  • Have lunch at the national´s park Ecuadorian restaurant.

Price Includes:

  • Transportation : standard transportation and off road vehicle, National´s Park Authorized guide, lunch

Price doesn´t include:

  • Gratuities, souvenirs, drinks, extras.
What should I pack for this trip?

Please try to wear the warmest clothing possible or pack an extra jacket, temperature can be as low as -5C°. But in a sunny day it can feel very pleasant. A good practice would be to pack, gloves, hiking shoes, a bottle of water, something to cover your head and ears, scarf or hat

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Price From USD$90/person
Total $ 90 USD

Trip Facts

  • Minimum 2 Max 8 people, the trip will be cancelled in case there is not at least two people comfirmed for this trip.
  • Quito´s altitude 2800m (9184) Highest alttitude for this trip 4500m (14760ft ft)
  • Standard land transportation from Quito to the national Park, from the entrance of the Cotopaxi national park you will switch to an off road vehicle which is included as part of the trip