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Exploring Ecuador north Andes and cloud forest

My wife and I had a limited time frame for a few days escape to Ecuador, we arrived in Quito and were not sure whether to rent a car and explore on our own a few places that we thought would be of our best interest. As part of our checklist was the Otavalo Indian Market, visit the UNESCO cultural world heritage site of Quito Old town, a visit to the center of the world, Equator line or in Spanish Mitad del Mundo, a visit to the famous Mindo cloud forest and a taste of the world´s best chocolate quality that we learned was produced at an artisanal chocolate factory in Mindo.

We thought that if we were able to accomplish all this, we would be satisfied with our short visit to Ecuador. Luckily as we researched for something similar we found this trip. A five day Ecuador north Andes and cloud forest package, which after checking its highlights and prices we thought was the ideal tour for us (we would recommend it to travelers with a limited time frame like us) but also for those of you who would like to have a good sense of the capital city of Quito and some countryside towns.

At the same time, we were looking to book for an Otavalo market day trip at best price, but this 5 day Ecuador North Andes and cloud forest packages was already including a visit to the Otavalo Market at some point as part of the tour. This was a great decision since it was an all-inclusive Ecuador tour holiday package deal 2018. This way we avoided renting a car and driving through the curvy, winding roads of Ecuador which we hadn’t totally realized how curvy it was until we actually traveled through. On the five days we were out on the road we didn’t see not even one straight line highway.

On the other hand, every day was a different and scenic trip we saw many things that were not even planned and we got to places where without a guide you wouldn’t even realize they are there. Also since we are foodies we did lots tasting and sampling many different foods like the exotic fruit Chirimoya (delicious custard apple), we tried the Andean ceviche, also the typical potato Soup, the tree tomato juice and so many diverse products that were recommended by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.

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