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Ecuador, a mega-diverse, small Andean country in South America is one of the most interesting, due to its weather, geography, and location on the Equator. Where adventure can take you from high Andean volcanic views to lowland tropical rainforest or to the coastal region with amazing beaches.

Distances in Ecuador are relatively short, leaving more time for adventure, fun, and discovery. Colorful markets, friendly locals, and incredible sceneries make Ecuador, varied and fabulous introduction to South America.

The Highlands of Ecuador, located along the central corridor all across Ecuador from the north border with Colombia to the south border with Perú dividing Ecuador into two additional regions. The Amazon region or “Oriente” to the East, and to the west the lowlands with its wide and endless beaches all along the shoreline also known as “La Costa”.

The Ecuadorian Highlands, are the most visited area for several reasons. The Capital of Ecuador, Quito is located in the north-central part of the highlands, therefore, the nearby areas like Otavalo Indian Market, Quilotoa Loop, Cotopaxi Volcano, Devils Nose, Papallacta, Equator Line, Mindo, are some of the most visited touristic places since these are relatively close to Quito which at the same time is the most populated city of the Highlands.  Many picturesque towns are settled all along the mountain range of Ecuador. Also, mountaineers find the Avenue of the volcanoes as the perfect area for acclimatizing purposes, since mountains of different altitudes are located in this area.

Ecuador´s highlands go from 1800m (5840 ft) to the highest point with the Chimborazo Volcano 6310m (20696 ft) (also the furthers point from the center of the earth). Finally, the temperature in the highlands can vary from 25 to -25°C (77F to -13)

Traveling highlights:

  • Excellent road net throughout Ecuador
  • Good accommodation availability and different prices that will adjust to your needs.
  • ATMs can be found almost everywhere.
  • Having the US dollar as Ecuador´s official currency makes your life easier